jueves, 27 de diciembre de 2012

Surprise! Inglés de 4º Nivel de Educación Primaria. Editorial Oxford.

Surprise!, Inglés de 4º Nivel de Educación Primaria, de Editorial Oxford, contiene actividades interactivas complementarias al material didáctico de este nivel.

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  1. I'm Spanish but I'm study English in Europa and my books is of this collection and I have a English text on Thursday .but when I go to study in this web I can't read , play or listening any cing �������������������������������������� this is the why for I don't like this page
    I go to the school TORRENTE BALLESTER in parla my teacher is Marta and my trinity teacher is Esteban I go 5° of primary
    When every one know every cing than wath is this problem in my tablet send one commentary
    Thank you
    Bye bye